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Wednesday 24th of July
From The Desk Of Mary Marcum
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Unrestricted PLR Videos

If you've been looking for high quality content that you can sell to your subscriber base, customers and website visitors, the this unrestricted private label video package is EXACTLY what you need!

With your PLR license to this full featured video series, you'll gain access to 29 comprehensive video tutorials, covering 11 of the hottest topics including... free traffic generation, paid traffic methods, product launches, give-away events, and so much more!

You can use these video tutorials in many different ways, including:

Build A Tutorial Based Membership Site And Charge For Monthly Access!

Bundle Videos Together Into One Massive High Priced Collection!

Offer Downloadable Video Tutorials To Paid Subscribers!

Provide Video Guides As Training Resources On Your Websites!

Offer Video Tutorials As Bonus Items To Paid Products!

Take a look at what you're getting...

Unrestricted PLR Video Course #1
Click Drive Media Traffic (4-Part Course)

Discover how to tap into a lucarative traffic source that many marketers aren't even aware of!

In this 4-part course we'll talk you through the process of getting setup, where you should be directing your traffic, and how to monetize it to get a good return on your investment.

You'll discover the 3 different types of traffic sources provided and which one gives you the best bang for your buck.

If you need traffic fast but don't want to invest heavily on more expensive sources then this course is a must!

You get 100% unrestricted private label rights - can do what you want with it!

Unrestricted PLR Video Course #2
eBook Syndication Sites

Submitting eBooks to syndication sites is nothing new yet is often over-looked by many marketers.

Whilst there is a bit of work needed up-front, when done right it can bring you a steady passive stream of traffic for many years.

You'll find out which are the best 3 sites to submit to and how to spy on other marketers to see what books they've submitted and how many people have read their book which will ultimately give you a proven model to follow off.


You get 100% unrestricted private label rights - can do what you want with it!

Unrestricted PLR Video Course #3
Fancy Cash (4-Part Course)

Tap into a new source of traffic that's a cross between eBay and Pinterest. Use this site to sell your own products and promote affiliate products.

Watch this video course as we show you how to source your products, affiliate with products and how to use the site as a traffic generating method.

If you're looking for other channels to sell your existing products, services and even build your list then this is a great traffic source to tap into.


You get 100% unrestricted private label rights - can do what you want with it!

Unrestricted PLR Video Course #4
JV Giveaway Events

Discover how to build your list in the internet marketing niche in double time with give-away events!

Participating in give-aways as a way to build your list has been around for some time now but the method is still applicable to this very date and perfect if you're in the internet marketing niche.

This powerful video will walk you through the process of how give-away events work, where to go and what type of content you need to submit to get the maximum return on your time and effort.

You get 100% unrestricted private label rights - can do what you want with it!

Unrestricted PLR Video Course #5
Product Launch (6-Part Course)

Product launches can be very stressful but also highly rewarding when done right.

This 6-part video course reveals all the trade secrets needed to propel your next launch to new heights.

Inside you'll discover why you should do product launches, how to recruit JVs and affiliates, what to do before and during your launch and more tips that will make your next launch a success!



You get 100% unrestricted private label rights - can do what you want with it!

Unrestricted PLR Video Course #6
Quick Cash Method

Discover this lucrative quick cash method that can have you making money within minutes.

Whether you have your own product, or PLR products this will work.

We'll walk you through the process of finding people who are passionate around a subject based on the comments they leave on blogs and find customers who will happily buy your products.

If you don't have a list or a product of your own and don't want to invest heavily on paid traffic then this 'Quick Cash' method is ideal for you.

You get 100% unrestricted private label rights - can do what you want with it!

Unrestricted PLR Video Course #7
Slide Share Traffic (3-Part Course)

Slide Share has 60 million monthly visitors, 100 million page views per month and is amongst the 200 most visited websites in the world with numbers ever increasing.

Watch this to see what type of content you can submit (not just presentations) and how to take advantage of this traffic source.

Once you fully utilize this traffic method you'll wonder why you never used it in the first place!



You get 100% unrestricted private label rights - can do what you want with it!

Unrestricted PLR Video Course #8
Teespring Cash (4-Part Course)

Teespring is a site to create and sell your own t-shirts without having to ship them yourself.

This in-demand craze has allowed some marketers to make 6-figures a year just doing this alone.

Watch this 4-part course as we show you how to perform market research, brainstorm ideas, come up with a winning t-shirt design, select a niche and create a campaign for your next hot-seller!

Once you've made your first sale selling your own t-shirt design you'll be hooked!


You get 100% unrestricted private label rights - can do what you want with it!

Unrestricted PLR Video Course #9
Traffic Exchanges (3-Part Course)

Traffic Exchanges have been around for a long time ever since the term 'internet marketing' was coined.

In this 3-part course you'll learn how to use one of the most popular traffic exchanges available, how the system works, how to build credits, what methods you can use to save time and resources, the right and wrong way to do things and so much more.

If you're new to traffic exchanges and need guidance from an experienced marketer then this video course is a must!


You get 100% unrestricted private label rights - can do what you want with it!

Unrestricted PLR Video Course #10
US Free Ads Traffic

With 1000s of visitors a month and a high Alexa ranking this classified ad source is a gold mine for those who take advantage of this.

Some marketrs are generating 100s of new leads a week from this one source and promoting affiliate products in the backend.

Watch this video as we show you how to nagivate this site, research what's already been done, how to post a free ad to maximize your views, what categories to post in and so much more. If you want to tap into this traffic source skip the 'experimental process' then this video is a must!


You get 100% unrestricted private label rights - can do what you want with it!

Unrestricted PLR Video Course #11
Yahoo Answers Cash

With a user base of over 90 million people, and ranked as the biggest online knowledge community Yahoo Answers is a traffic source that shouldn't be ignored.

People visit this site to find solutions to their problems. When paired with a buying niche you've a gold mine!

Watch this video as we take you through the process of searching for a qualifying question to answer, how to answer it, where to place your affiliate link or squeeze page link and how to get your answer featured as 'best answer' to maximize your traffic.


You get 100% unrestricted private label rights - can do what you want with it!

Watch Samples Below

WOW! With Unrestricted PLR To 11 Courses (29 Videos Total) You've Got Unlimited Profit Potential!

With each video you'll receive...

MP4 Format - want to edit the video and place your website watermark over it to protect it as your work? Maybe you want to use the watermark with your link and submit them to video sharing sites for free traffic. Now you can! With any simple video editing software you can edit the MP4 video the way you want for 100% branding!

Ready-To-Play Web Video Format - want to start selling the videos straight away and have them ready for your customers? Now you can! With ready-made HTML flash videos you'll be able to provide your customers with simple video format to either download and watch on their PCs or to watch directly off your server.

Unrestricted PLR Rights! - You can add this into your existing membership to train your members, start a new membership whereby your members pay a monthly fee or sell altogether for a one-time payment. The profit potential is unlimited!

Just Imagine What Your Customers Will Think Of You!

"Wow thanks for telling me exactly what to do!"... "Thanks for showing me step-by-step!"... "I'm definitely going to buy more of your products!"... "I'm definitely going to recommend your video training as an affiliate!"...

Providing REAL results to your customers, will have a massive knock-on effect! They will help you establish yourself. They will help you gain trust with your new found customers. They will also help you generate more sales with your affiliate program.

Let the videos do all the selling for you without you having to even touch a video camera!


“Looks Good! What's My License?”

You'll be getting an unrestricted private label license to this entire package. This allows everyone to create their own website and put their own flavour to the product. It also means that we can substantially lower the price that you would normally pay for a turn-key site!

[YES] Can sell personal rights
[YES] Can sell resell rights
[YES] Can sell master resell rights
[YES] Can sell private label rights
[YES] Can give videos away for free

[YES] Can be added to PAID and FREE membership sites
[YES] Can sell on sites like Flippa / eBay
[YES] Can break video tutorials into smaller modules and/or sell seperately

[YES] Can be re-packed
[YES] Can sell as a one-time offer
[YES] Can add bonuses to the package
[YES] Can be added as bonus to a paid package

You can use this product to establish yourself and train beginners on a wide range of topics. Please adhere to the license as it is here to ensure YOU make money in the long term.

If you're in desperate need for more content for your membership and want to keep your members happy, then provide them with these training videos!

Rounding up your own army of affiliates?... Charge a small fee and give them access to this library of knowledge!

Want to start a (new) membership?... Drip feed a video every week mixed with other content you have rights to charge a monthly fee and you've got a recurring income stream!

There are countless of ways to make serious money with these unrestricted private label videos!

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Unrestricted PLR Videos

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I'm backing everything up with a 60 day money back guarantee so you have absolutely NOTHING to lose here! Let me teach you how to make money with this business model!


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